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How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

A leaky tap is both an irritation and a potential source of wasted water and higher utility bills if not fixed promptly. Just using the right equipment and techniques, any handyman can easily fix a leaking tap.

How a handyman fixes a leaky tap:

Get the Necessary Tools

Always double-check that you have everything you’ll need to complete a plumbing job before you start. To repair a tap, you might need a screwdriver, pliers, an adjustable spanner, and some replacement parts like a washer, O-ring, or cartridge.

Turning off the water is the second step

It is important to turn off the water before attempting to fix a leaky tap. To prevent further flooding and water waste, the water mains must be shut off. Valves that control the flow of water are often installed below the washbasin. To close the doors, turn the knobs clockwise until they stop.

Step 3: Take Off the Handle of the Faucet

To stop the flow of water, you should take the handle off the tap. A screw cap on the top or bottom of the handle can be unscrewed to gain access to the mechanism. To take the handle off, unscrew the screw cap with a screwdriver and pull it straight up.

Fourth, take out the cartridge or washer

If the tap has a cartridge or washer, you should take it out now. To repair a cartridge faucet, the cartridge must be removed, whereas a compression faucet’s washer must be replaced. Use pliers to pull out the cartridge. Use a cartridge puller to remove a jammed cartridge. Take off the compression tap’s washer and switch it out with a new one.

Step 5: Put in a new O-ring or cartridge

Tap cartridges should be changed if they are present. There are numerous cartridges available, therefore it is important to find one that fits your tap’s specific dimensions. Replacement of the O-ring on the tap is required if it has one.

Sixth, put the tap back together

Reassemble the tap when any necessary parts have been replaced. To get started, simply replace the cartridge or washer in the tap. Next, reattach the tap’s handle by tightening its screws. Seventh, have a look at the sink’s tap. Finally, check for leaks after reconnecting the water supply.

In the absence of leaks, the fixed leaky tap has been successful. The majority of leaky faucets are simple enough to repair that any competent handyman can do it. Steps in the process involve turning off the water supply, taking off the tap handle, identifying the faulty part, repairing it, putting everything back together, and checking for leaks. Always turn off the water and gather replacement parts before undertaking a plumbing project.

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